1. Evidence-Based Job Analysis
    Stop the Revolving Door.

In the creation of a new position or the re-engineering of an existing one, organizations need to clearly define their expectations before hiring someone for that job.  As the old saying goes, “If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there.”

When you consider that the direct and indirect costs of hiring the wrong leader can cost an organization an amount in excess of six to ten times that person’s annual salary, it’s easy to see why organizations can’t afford to be vague or “wrong” in their expectations.

Unfortunately, hiring managers usually have only a general idea of what the position should entail and struggle to accurately define the real and most critical prerequisites for success in the position.  Synergy has found that much of this confusion results from undefined discrepancies between what clients believe they want and what they really need.

Also, complex organizations often fail to consider the multiple constituencies whose initial input and “buy-in” are absolutely vital. Synergy knows that these organizations must secure this input and “buy-in” throughout the development of these positions and during the recruitment and selection processes as well. Otherwise, they frequently set themselves up for the “Monday morning quarterback” or “sniper” syndrome in which those individuals excluded from the process challenge and second-guess the organization’s decisions and create what could have been avoidable problems for everyone involved.

  1. Evidence-Based Conflict Resolution
    Lay Down the Gloves: Identify and resolve the core issues

Healthcare organizations often acknowledge that conflict exists within their teams, but they are often unable to accurately identify and resolve the core issues.  Frequently, those internal people who are asked to clarify the real underlying concerns are too close to the situation, cannot leave their prior knowledge and biases at the door, and are conflict averse.  In addition, employees may be unwilling to reveal all that they know to another internal person out of fear and uncertainty as to what will happen with this information and concern about potential negative repercussions to themselves.

Synergy’s Evidence-Based Conflict Resolution services help resolve issues with unbiased objectivity through proven experience and expertise.

Synergy offers an unbiased and confidential means of helping organizations get a clearer picture of the source of their conflict, in part by delving beyond surface issues that may mask the situation.

Synergy also offers a safe and proven means for employees to communicate their genuine concerns, frustrations, and suggestions for improvement in a positive and constructive manner.  By allowing employees access to a constructive, non-punitive forum and the opportunity to be heard, clients:

  • Position their organizations to proceed with effective conflict resolution.
  • Learn more about the underlying issues that are hindering their organization’s progress.
  • Work through the critical issues so they can increase productivity and facilitate real organizational success.

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