Counting Down the Days

Red Xs Marking Off The Days On A Calendar

Counting Down the Days

In speaking with hundreds of healthcare executives since the COVID-19 pandemic exploded, we’ve listened carefully as they’ve described themselves as feeling “overwhelmed, burnt out, worn out, not knowing if they were coming or going”, and many of them have told us that they are “Counting down the days”.  This made me wonder what are they doing as leaders to keep themselves from giving up and/or retiring?  And, what are they doing to keep others motivated?  This blog openly shares some facts and observations and invites the readers to share their own thoughts, experiences and best practices.

Many of these senior executives who previously had planned on retiring stayed in place because their financial portfolios declined, some remained because their organizations asked them to stay on through the pandemic,  and others didn’t want to leave them in a lurch and disrupt things further because they felt a sense of duty and obligation.

Healthcare senior executives are experiencing a unique and unprecedented combination of challenges which include:

  • Feeling accountable for the organization’s results with a concomitant loss of control over several variables including volumes,
  • Unpredictability of the current myriad of operational and pandemic challenges, and
  • Lack of clarity as to how best respond to respond and to prepare the organization for an uncertain future. Restating what we’ve heard, there is no playbook for dealing with these issues.

One constructive approach leaders can adopt is to focus on what has worked and to concentrate their time, energy and resources on their own and others’ Best Practices.  During these difficult times, it may be helpful to re-center and reenergize yourself by keeping in mind the following:

  • What have you done during the pandemic that has brought you the most satisfaction?
  • How have you dealt with your most similar and/or seemingly insurmountable challenges in the past?
  • What do you find to be the most productive ways to keep yourself energized and moving forward?
  • What have you done that helps others around you to stay positive and motivated?

Please share your own personal reactions, thoughts, experiences and Best Practices with me at  I’ll share these in a future blog.  Thank you for your help and consideration.