Executive Recruiting Process

What Is Our Executive Recruiting Process?

Synergy’s Evidence-Based Executive Searches in many ways incorporate most of the same elements of Synergy’s Evidence-Based Executive Assessments in that they also start with a Job (Needs) Analysis. The analysis is followed by Candidate Recruitment, Candidate Screening, the Presentation of Candidates, Selection Interviews by the Client, and, finally, regular Follow Up.

Evidence-Based Executive Search combines seven key components to provide the most cost-effective, efficient, and highest quality service available in the industry:

1. Proven science and proprietary psychological testing.
2. Formal national leadership “best practices” research.  The results are integrated into both leadership selection and retention criteria.
3. Comprehensive Needs Analysis.
4. The proprietary Synergy Screening System®, which objectively evaluates the overall match of prospective candidates against a position’s unique needs.
5. Related Experience Charts with objective performance metrics.
6. Targeted, behaviorally-based candidate interviews, and
7. Application of nationally-recognized Baldrige Performance Excellence Program standards to ensure world-class, quality, service, and results.

The Nation’s First Evidence-Based Executive Search and Assessments Firm™

As the country’s first Evidence-Based Executive Search and Executive Assessments firm, The Synergy Organization has built its reputation on a foundation of trust, integrity, accuracy, and superior results with its progressive clients. The Synergy Organization’s quality and metrics-driven approach ensures an unmatched record of guaranteed results, client satisfaction, and repeat business.

With three decades of healthcare industry experience, Synergy has achieved an industry-leading track record for helping guarantee the results that clients need and want. Synergy provides them with the ability to scientifically evaluate their unique requirements for success in a leadership position, and the ability to select the right, new leader who is the best fit for the position.

Synergy’s evidence-based services streamline clients’ hiring processes and save considerable time, money, and aggravation—while giving them the confidence, accuracy, and critical information needed to make accurate and informed hiring decisions.

As important, Synergy’s client partners conservatively estimate that the significant, direct savings they enjoy easily exceed $10,000 per search!

Industry-Leading 98% Executive Search Success Rate

In addition, The Synergy Organization has achieved an industry-leading 98% success rate among its placed leaders. As a result, Synergy’s progressive client partners use Synergy’s services an average of at least five times because they appreciate Synergy’s extraordinary value proposition and understand that it always costs less to do things right the first time.

Synergy makes it easy for clients to hire the right leaders the first time—and every time.

Recognized As The National Leader

The Synergy Organization is recognized as the country’s leading Evidence-Based Executive Executive Search firm.  Synergy is driven to differentiate itself by continuously providing incomparable quality, service, value, and results.

First in the World

And, The Synergy Organization has been recognized as the first executive search and executive assessment firm in the world to strengthen all of its business practices to achieve world-class performance through the Malcolm Baldrige Performance Excellence Program standards.

In fact, former national Baldrige Program Director Harry S. Hertz, Ph.D., stated that, “at this time I’m not aware of any other search firm using the Baldrige Program standards.”

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