Half Full or Half Empty?

Half Empty/Half Full Glass & Optimist/Pessimist Glass

Half Full or Half Empty?


At times, we tend to be overly critical and focus on the negatives thereby minimizing our hard work and contributions.  For example, chronic pessimists often suck the life and joy out of everything they touch and, in the process, discourage us from doing our best; they seem determined to ensure that “no good deed goes unpunished”.  Research and practical experiences show that these poor leaders often repel people who are our best workers.

Jo Wilson

In stark contrast to such chronic malcontents, Jo Wilson, MBA, FACHE is a sterling example of someone who views the glass as more than half full.  She is a “Can-Do” authentic leader who has impressed countless others throughout her organization with her positive outlook, genuine enthusiasm and boundless energy.  After The Synergy Organization initially recruited Jo to UPMC Western Maryland 17 years ago as the System Director of Imaging, she earned the respect and admiration of everyone she met.  Jo’s commitment and many contributions were recognized as she subsequently assumed other critical roles as Vice President, Ancillary Support Operations and Vice President of Operations before taking on her most recent position as Vice President of Population Health almost three years ago.

Please join us in recognizing Jo for a job well done, for her dedication and many contributions to this dynamic organization over the last 17 years.