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Presentation of one of the two Mid-Atlantic Alliance for Performance Excellence (MAAPE) Awards presented to The Synergy Organization. From left: Robert Bitner, Executive Director, MAAPE; Kenneth R. Cohen, PhD, Founder & CEO, The Synergy Organization; Harry S. Hertz, PhD, Director, Baldrige Performance Excellence Program.

The Synergy Organization was created in direct response to two critical challenges that healthcare organizations face:

  1. Poor leaders don’t change themselves or their own personalities to fit their jobs. Instead, they try to change their job responsibilities around to suit their own personalities.
  2. On the other hand, top performers typically love their jobs and have a real passion for them because they encourage them to be who they really are. They don’t have to mask who they are, they love what they do, and they are encouraged to be themselves.

Founded in 1989, The Synergy Organization helps transform healthcare organizations, lives, and careers through science. Synergy provides world-class service and results for client partners by enabling them to recruit and select the right fit leaders, the first time.  That’s why Synergy has been described as “the eHarmony of healthcare executive search firms.”

Synergy is proud to have earned the complete trust, confidence, and repeat business from many of the most respected healthcare organizations across the U.S.

We differentiate ourselves from traditional Big Box search firms not only in the superior results achieved, but also in our proven, evidence-based processes and services —an incomparable value proposition.

These include the powerful integration of our unique expertise and experience, proprietary Synergy Screening System® (including psychological testing), industry best practices, national leadership research studies, and the application of the Malcolm Baldrige Performance Excellence Program standards  across all of our business practices.

Synergy has never sought to be the biggest firm in the world, just the best. And our clients believe that we are well on our way to achieving this goal. But, we remain committed to getting even better!

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