Hiring A Director For Your ASC? Some Common Mistakes To Avoid

(2004, July/August) American Association of Ambulatory Surgery Centers

Hiring A Director For Your ASC: Some Common Mistakes To Avoid


Our recent research with eighty Presidents/CEO’s of the most successful acute care Health Systems and Hospitals in the US found that the actual costs of hiring the wrong leader easily could exceed 3-10 times their annual salary.  The consequences of hiring the “wrong” Director of your Ambulatory Surgery Center can greatly impact your organization’s productivity, efficiency, employee satisfaction and bottom line.  Get it right and you can enjoy job satisfaction, cost reductions, gain efficiencies and ensure high levels of customer satisfaction and quality care.  Get it wrong and you will get a healthy dose of decreased productivity, demoralization of your workforce and staff turnover.

Now it is time for the hard truth.  Ultimately your own hiring practices may have contributed to the “bad hire”.  Have you ever thought to yourself while reflecting on why you made a bad hiring decision, “How could I have known that about her/him prior to hiring?”  If so, then you are a prime example of someone who could benefit from the following recommendations of common mistakes to avoid…



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