Hiring the Right Person the First Time

(2009, January) The Executive Briefing, a publication of Amerinet

Hiring the Right Person the First Time


Have you ever hired someone who seemed to be a great fit for you and your organization but ultimately didn’t meet your expectations?

Have you ever been hired by someone with whom you subsequently learned you were not compatible? In your personal life, have you ever dated someone who seemed ideal initially only to discover later that the match wasn’t as good as was originally hoped?

The Synergy Organization’s four-factor theory contains two columns and two rows. In the first row, the left column considers content (Can candidates do the job? Do candidates know what to do?) and the right column considers process (Will candidates do the job? How will candidates behave?). So this four-box model considers not only if candidates have the capacity to do the job, but equally and if not more importantly, whether they will be a good fit for the job.

The left column also reveals…



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