Straightening Ties

(2000, September) Healthcare Informatics Magazine

Straightening Ties


Sometimes the only way to move forward is to take a step back.

As employers compete to hire information technology (IT) professionals in this sellers’ market, many are seeking help to develop and implement strategies for staffing their organizations that are more productive and cost-effective and less aggravating.

Charles Faron, former Vice President of Operations for a national consulting and outsourcing firm, explains that traditionally, organizations have kept strategic functions in-house and outsourced those that were not strategic.  That approach no longer automatically applies, because the IT department is now viewed as a strategic partner of the senior executive team. If outsourced, IT strategy and execution need to be a core competency of the outsourcing company.  Many of his clients consider the following criteria in deciding whether or not to outsource IT, says Faron:

Quality of service.  Will outsourcing ensure the quality of service…



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