The 12 Deadly Sins of Hiring

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The 12 Deadly Sins of Hiring


As today’s nursing homes expand into non-traditional levels of care, and restructure and hire new staff accordingly, administrators are under more pressure than ever to find “the right people.”  The consequences of hiring “the wrong people” can be significant; they greatly impact your organization’s productivity, efficiency, culture and bottom line (not to mention your personal career satisfaction, earnings and job security).  The direct costs alone for hiring and replacing the wrong Director of Nursing can easily exceed $100,000-and this figure does not include the indirect costs (e.g., lost productivity, demoralization, staff turnover).

What may be even more significant than the cost of hiring mistakes is how prevalent they are.  As a consultant, I find it shocking to see just how frequently employers’ inconsistent or conflicting expectations for their employees determine employees’ failure.  I have frequently asked senior healthcare administrators, “When a manager either quits or gets fired from your organization, how often is it due to a lack of technical knowledge versus “just not fitting in”?”  The response in well over 90% of cases is that it wasn’t the lack of technical knowledge-managers seldom reach their level with that as a problem-but rather it is because the managers just didn’t seem to fit the job comfortably.

The hard truth for any administrator to accept is that…



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