Playing For Keeps

(1999, February) Contemporary Long Term Care Magazine

The Match Game


SNF into IVs and sponge baths seeks RN with similar interests for a long-term relationship.  Who knows, maybe we can be the one for you.  Over the past 10 years, many health care employers have poured out their hearts to me about some of the difficulties they have experienced hiring middle and upper-level managers.  I have recommended that they replace their traditional hiring techniques with some innovative alternatives.

As I would explain my method for ensuring compatibility between employer and employee, a comment I have often heard is that my approach is like “matchmaking.”  Some employers have even confided that, had my techniques been available to them in their personal lives, it might have saved them considerable heartache, aggravation, time, and money.

They were onto something: There are indeed some striking similarities between hooking a beau and hiring a COO. The same tools…



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