Case Study #1

Evidence-Based Developmental Assessment

The Challenge:
The Vice President of Human Resources of a large, fast-paced service organization wanted to learn what she could do to maximize her value and effectiveness to her current employer while positioning herself for additional career growth opportunities.

Our Solution:
We worked with this person to help her develop specific strategies that she could use to increase her productivity and further enhance her relationship with her immediate supervisor. This was based on a discussion regarding her career aspirations, a review of her current job performance and her relationship with her supervisor, an assessment of her own personality, relative strengths, non-strengths, as well as the creation of an Individualized Developmental Action Plan and scheduled follow-up Executive Coaching sessions.

During the course of our work together, we learned that she was a perfectionist, tried to do it all by herself, preferred a fair amount of structure and that her supervisor (the CEO) lacked focus and did not provide her with sufficient direction. We helped her to learn strategies to “manage up” more effectively, delegate more to her subordinates, prioritize better, and to use her time more efficiently.

The Result:
She reported that several positive changes occurred within the first three months after our collaboration. These included a more positive and productive relationship with the CEO, an increased productivity that has helped her organization to become an Employer of Choice, a new feeling of confidence in her current role, and recognition for her value and accomplishments within the organization.

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