Synergy’s Baldrige Journey


Baldrige: Helping Synergy Achieve World-Class Results

Ever since its founding in 1989, The Synergy Organization has been committed to providing world class services and results for its healthcare clients. It accomplishes this by helping them to recruit, select, develop and retain the right leaders most effectively, the first time, through the use of science and industry best practices.

Like many of its health system clients, Synergy was an early adopter.  Given the firm’s demonstrated commitment to quality, science and objective metrics, some of our clients who were national Baldrige Award recipients encouraged us to join them on the Journey.

At Synergy, we viewed Baldrige as the most viable means to most effectively integrate everything that we do, achieve world-class results for our clients and—much less important—to become independently recognized as the industry leader.

We recognized that it always costs less to do things right the first time, and built its business to do just that…to help healthcare clients hire the right leaders the first time.

We began by deconstructing many of the standard practices utilized by traditional search firms.  Then we created and implemented multiple innovative, value-added services and deliverables that directly improve client hospitals’ leadership, workforce, and results. Many of these best practices were developed in direct response to our founder’s experiences, expertise and concerns as an organizational psychologist, as well as to the firm’s formal research studies.

Examples include:

  • the creation of the Synergy Screening System®, and
  • coining of industry phrases Evidence Based Executive Search, Evidence Based Executive Assessments and Evidence Based Succession Planning.

By listening carefully to our health care clients’ unique needs, Synergy has grown organically and developed proven, customized solutions to these common, yet critical, operational challenges.

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