The New Courtship Dance in Executive Search and Selection

The New Courtship Dance In Executive Search And Selection

The New Courtship Dance in Executive Search and Selection

As we slowly open our physical and professional doors to the next chapter of our lives after the COVID-19 pandemic, change of pace remains the continued theme song amongst senior executives and their current and prospective employers.  Leadership candidates are seeking a new “song and dance” with organizations that can promise both job stability and flexible work culture.

Right now, professionals across the workforce spectrum are questioning the lifestyle component of their next leadership opportunities and are refusing to compromise on having both advancement and work/life balance in their next roles.

A 2023 job seeker survey1 conducted earlier this year found over one-third (37 percent) of workers reported they’re “very likely” to look for a new job in the next 12 months, up from 32 percent in 2022.  Those job seekers indicated that more work flexibility in their new role, such as different hours or the ability to work from home or remotely more often were key considerations in their movement from, or to, a new company.

Each of these dance cards of requirements undoubtedly will dictate a candidate’s engagement in the recruitment process and impact your organization’s ability to properly court the right candidate who meets your unique needs.

Conversely, as employers take the lead in this ballet of finding the right leaders, attracting talent cannot hang solely on monetary incentives, but must also include nonmonetary factors2 like work quality and a stimulating work environment, as well as inspirational leadership within an organization.

It is not enough to simply have these attributes in an organization; promoting your work culture and company mission must echo throughout the recruitment process to find the perfect “dance” partner.

In fact, if an organization does not take due care initially in the recruitment process to assess what their key assets and needs are, the inevitable result will be a “two left feet” style of recruitment, going nowhere and everywhere all at once.  An ineffective recruitment process will not only fail to land you the right fit for the position, but also will permeate your organization’s ability to structure future-proof workforce-planning processes3.

Studies demonstrate the next era in hiring qualified and loyal leadership in the healthcare sector is challenged by having to balance many complex wants and needs.  To meet the ever-changing demands that inevitably will arise from an increase in job candidates looking for the right dance partner, an instructor who understands Synergy in movement is essential.

Utilizing evidence-based practices throughout the recruitment process with The Synergy Organization as your guide will ensure your candidate selection (and long-term retention) are grounded in accurate and balanced decision-making.

In addition, solid strategic consultation during the search process provides you with a clear analysis of both what your organization believes are the primary requirements for the position and the actual demonstrated attributes the candidate must deliver to be most successful.  Synergy is prepared to help your organization leverage several industry Best Practices in your selection of leadership candidates navigating the employment dance floor.

Those Executives most sensitive to the motion of a workforce ready to move to a new beat will attract the “heart” of the right leader, who will be driven to achieve in their next position.  Their  “head” will be in the game and their “feet” firmly on the ground where the work needs to be done.  This is all a part of the Synergy Screening System®.

Synergy’s customized portfolio of services include wholistic Evidence-Based solutions to overcome the daunting executive assessment process.  That is why they have earned national respect as the expert partner who will focus your organization on what matters most: Moving forward with the right candidate, at the right time, the first time.

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