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What Makes Us The Best Recruiting Firm For Hiring CEOs

The Three P’s – Personality Predicts Performance

At Synergy, our research and experience tell us that “personality predicts performance.”

That’s what makes “The Right Fit.”

“Traditional” executive search firms do not pay sufficient attention to what matters most to the success of both organizations and leaders. It’s all about The Fit. And, The Fit has much less to do with leaders’ heads (expertise, education, training) and everything to do with their hearts or personalities (passion and values), and their feet (actual accomplishments).
Our healthcare executive recruiting process is a comprehensive one that leaves no stone unturned to recognize the potential in career growth and advancement.

Our proprietary healthcare executive search and assessment processes scientifically analyze and match need with talent to identify the right fit. For executive assessments, we use our same objective methods to help ensure optimal performance by increasing productivity, teamwork and communication.

What Our Clients Say They Want vs. What They Really Need

Over three decades, we’ve learned that what our clients say…or believe…they want in a new executive is quite often not at all what their organizations really need.

To stop the “revolving door syndrome” and to ensure that the position’s key stakeholders hold generally consistent expectations for the new leader, healthcare executive search firms like Synergy, goes well beyond the position interviews and asks clients to complete brief, yet amazingly powerful assessment instruments to cross validate their behavioral requirements for the new leader. This helps to serve as an objective standard against which the potential candidates are compared. Being real, just because candidates are pleasant during their interviews and may be good paper matches for the position is not sufficient grounds to hire them. Especially when the costs and risks for everyone involved are so significant.

That’s why the Synergy Screening System® is supported with targeted behaviorally-based testing of both client organization leaders and prospective candidates.

image largeThe Right Fit for Both Parties. The First Time.

This two-way approach allows us to make the best possible match!

That’s what has brought us to 40 states…and what has earned us the reputation of being “the eHarmony of healthcare executive search firms.”

Our proprietary screening system is an evidence-based, three-step scientific approach to hiring the right healthcare leaders, the first time. By decreasing the hospital system’s costs as well as reducing front and back end risks, it shuts the proverbial revolving door.

We call this three-dimensional screening the “The 3 Foot View” because it assesses the Head, the Heart, and the Feet. We are a healthcare executive search firm that takes screening with a holistic perspective of the future.

This produces consistently superior results because Synergy, being one of the best healthcare executive recruiters, offers proven expertise and experience, invests the time, and leverages multiple evidence-based best practices to first diagnose clients’ unique needs and then to systematically compare prospective external and/or internal candidates against these objective criteria.

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