Baldrige – In It To Win It?

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Baldrige – In It To Win It?

One question senior executives frequently ask before embarking on their Baldrige Journey is perhaps the primary determinant as to whether or not they will make the commitment….

“How long will it take for us to win the Baldrige Award?” After hearing this question asked repeatedly within the last few days, I reflected upon my own experiences over the last 10+ years leading my company on our own Journey. I have found that most of the real answers are under leaders’ own control and depend on the very same Baldrige Leadership Core Values and Behaviors on which the Baldrige Foundation’s Harry S. Hertz Leadership Award (HSHLA) and the objective, validated Synergy Profile assessment instrument are based. These eleven include Visionary Leadership, Valuing People, Customer-Focused Excellence, Delivering Value and Results, and Management By Fact.

I. Visionary Leadership

The most effective and inspirational leaders stake substantial claims for themselves and their organizations while reflecting courage and confidence in their actions (similar to what Jim Collins’ Level 5 Leaders do in their use of “Big Hairy Audacious Goals” (BHAGS)). In addition, they openly accept responsibility for achieving results.

II. Valuing People

Highly effective leaders focus on engaging, developing and promoting others’ well-being, building partnerships with others internal and external to the organization, and leveraging the diverse talents and interests of their workforce.

III. Customer-Focused Excellence

They craft their strategic plans in multiple ways to help distinguish them in the eyes of their customers and in anticipation of changing market conditions.

IV. Delivering Value and Results

They drive their organizations to exceed their stakeholders’ requirements and to achieve superior value.

V. Management By Fact

The most effective leaders drive their organizations’ success through the use of objective measurement and data analysis in decision making.

Over the last 27 years, The Synergy Organization has helped progressive leaders and organizations across the country, including national Baldrige Award recipients and state applicants, to hire the “right fit” leaders the first time. This is accomplished through the use of our Evidence-Based Executive Search, Executive Assessments, and Pre-Employment Testing. Integrating unique expertise, psychological testing, the findings from our own national leadership and HR Best Practices research studies, and the Baldrige Criteria enables us to provide our clients with the precise data and confidence they need to increase quality, mitigate their workforce risks and consistently hire extraordinary leaders most cost-effectively. In close collaboration with the Baldrige Foundation, The Synergy Organization proudly serves as the Founding Sponsor of the Harry S. Hertz Leadership Award (HSHLA).