Our Proprietary “Recipe” Helps You Find the Right Fit for Your Company!

Our Proprietary “Recipe” Helps You Find The Right Fit For Your Company!

Our Proprietary “Recipe” Helps You Find the Right Fit for Your Company!

My Great Grandmother passed down certain recipes through the generations that produced inspiration, creativity, and lots of smiles for my family.  As with anything worth doing and “doing right”, it took many years of trying out different ingredients, using different amounts, a pinch of this, a sprinkle of that, and sometimes failing horribly to make them just perfect!  You have to have patience, focus and the willingness to put the time in to get the desired results.  Also, you must plan out your ingredients and know when to add which ones to achieve perfection.

A great recipe can come in many forms.  It doesn’t have to be just about food, you can apply a great recipe to just about anything you do in life!  It is about the discipline to make a plan, follow that plan, readjust when something doesn’t go in the direction you want, and keep moving forward until you hit your goal consistently.

That is what we do here at The Synergy Organization.  We have a proprietary “recipe” (with carefully defined processes and ingredients) that enables us to find you the right “fit”, the first time!  First, our time-tested recipe requires that we take a “Diagnosis Before Treatment” approach and conduct an objective and comprehensive Job Analysis.  This ensures that the key stakeholders share a clear and common understanding of the position’s primary challenges and stops the “Revolving Door Syndrome”. Then, we use our proprietary Synergy Screening System® and our Head-Heart-Feet Model to objectively evaluate the overall match of prospective candidates against each position’s unique needs.  “Cookie cutter” approaches just don’t work with people!

We apply the Baldrige Performance Excellence Program standards to ensure world-class, quality, service, and results each and every time! The end result is a well-executed recipe for success! We identify the right candidate, and the client hires a Superstar!   Great chefs know “the proof is in the pudding.”

Quint Studer recently interviewed Dr. Ken Cohen in his Busy Leader’s Podcast regarding our national Leadership Best Practices research findings with Baldrige Award Recipient CEOs and the Predictive Analytics derived from the research.  (Please note that Dr. Cohen presented some of these to ACHE Congress and they will be covered in greater detail in his upcoming book.)  Click here to listen https://synergyorg.com/how-to-hire-super-stars-the-first-time-with-kenneth-cohen-phd/

If you find this appetizing and you’re hungry for more, learn about our special menu and services at www.SynergyOrg.com.  Or, contact Diane Stemler at Diane@SynergyOrg.com to discuss how we can help you to recruit, select, and retain your leaders most cost-effectively and efficiently.