The Best Leaders Are Yet to Come…but Who Are They and How Will We Know When We See Them?

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The Best Leaders Are Yet to Come…but Who Are They and How Will We Know When We See Them?

The Baldrige community has something that no other leadership community has—established, proven leaders who have led national role-model organizations to become honored performance excellence- and results-driven, Baldrige Award recipients. But what specific leadership best practices have shaped their experiences and should be learned—and applied—by our future role-model leaders?  Exactly what are the attributes of the Best Category 1 Leaders?  How can we “know them when we see them”?  Too much is at stake to leave our own careers and organizations exposed to costly and avoidable risks.


Rather than speculating on what those leadership practices and characteristics should be, The Synergy Organization has embarked on its latest innovative leadership best practices research study with Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award Recipient Presidents/CEOs.  All participating, original Baldrige Award Recipient Presidents/CEOs are being asked to complete a series of validated, online leadership assessment instruments.


This research will objectively, cross-validate the invaluable perceptions of these Baldrige Award recipient leaders and get to the bottom of what specific leadership attributes are required for success as Presidents/CEOs. The research will also help determine how “Job Success Criteria” differ across industry sectors, for-profit/non-profit status, and types of board responsibilities.


What are the leadership behaviors and attributes demonstrated by Baldrige Award recipient-leading Presidents/CEOs? Answers will be aggregated, with individual results kept strictly confidential, and shared by The Synergy Organization in multiple national forums (including publications and presentations).


According to Kenneth R. Cohen, PhD, Founder and CEO of The Synergy Organization, “These results will help Baldrige journey organizations to objectively select, develop, and retain those leaders who offer the greatest potential and to leverage their talents most effectively and efficiently.”


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